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Bank of Maharastra

Eligibility: Should have secure admission for in School/College/Institute

Maximum Amount for India : Rs 200000
Maximum Amount Overseas : Rs 750000

Documents to be submitted: Pass Certificate of Previous School/University/Institute
Time To Process : A Fortnight

Interest Rate

India: 13.75%
Overseas: 13.75%
Collateral and Third Party Guarantee required

Tenures: Maximum of 5 years

Amount of Loan, Margin & Security:

The maximum amount of loan sanctioned by Bank of Maharashtra for studying in India and abroad is Rs 10 lacs and 20 lacs respectively. There is a margin of 5% and 15% on a loan amount above Rs 4 lacs.

Security needs to be submitted by a borrower applying for a loan amount above Rs 4 lacs. The securities can be submitted in the form of one category or in combinations.


The repayment holiday covers 1 year after completing the course or 6 months after getting a job. Once you start repaying the student loan, you can complete repayment in 5 years.

Expenses taken into Consideration:

Education Loan Scheme of Bank of Maharashtra covers cost of books, instruments and other equipments, travel expenses, tuition fees and other costs related to completing the course.

Contact :
Delhi Tel: 3321754
Bangalore Tel: 2264997
Chennai Tel: 4364410
Hyderabad Tel: 7843238
Kolkata Tel: 2203996, 2207122
Mumbai Tel: 2661295, 2652595
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