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What is ICICI Fellow?

Well, this is most important question and cannot be answered in FAQ. Please read the section About Fellowship and other sections in this website to understand the programme well.
Who can apply to be an ICICI Fellow?

If you are an achiever between 21 to 28 years and a graduate as on 1st July, 2010, you can apply.
What is the selection process?

Please visit the section titled 'The Process Summary' under the menu item Selection Process.
To begin with, you need to complete the online application form on this website.
I submitted my application form. Can I change it now?

If you have only 'Saved' your application form, then you can edit it by logging in. However, if you have 'Submitted' you application form, you cannot change it.
Do I get paid during the Fellowship?

During your tenure with the NGO, you get paid a stipend of Rs 12,000 per month. During the training (before you depart to your NGO), your cost of travel, accomodation and training are all covered under the Fellowship.

For more details, please visit the section 'Support Provided'.
Do I need to pay for applying or participating?

You don't need to pay anything for applying or participating in ICICI Fellows.

You in fact, get paid a stipend for your work in the NGO.
Do I get a certificate? Is it a post graduation?

You do get a certificate. In fact you get more than one certificate. One for being an ICICI Fellow, one towards you work experience at the NGO and, one for attending the trainings at IFMR.

However, ICICI Fellows is not an academic program and is, therefore, not equivalent to any academic program.
Where will I be working?

After completing the first 2 months of training, you will be deployed in a leading NGO. The location can be anywhere in the India.
What about my stay and travel for the trainings?

Your accommodation, travel and other training related expenses will be covered when you are asked to attend trainings
What happens at the end of 2 years?

During the 2 years of the ICICI Fellows programme, you are prepared to be a leader - ready with the personality, skills, experience and motivation to succeed in any field that you choose to tread.

The leading organisations in all fields - civil, corporate and international - all value the experience and exposure that ICICI Fellows provide.

ICICI Fellows alumni relations will support you through career advice, professional networking, tie-ups with organisations seeking leadership talent helping you chart your career.
Who is implementing the programme?

ICICI Fellows is being implemented by iVolunteer and IFMR. iVolunteer is the managing the overall implementation of overall ICICI Fellows programme. IFMR is responsible for all the trainings imparted to ICICI Fellows during the programme.
What is the role of ICICI in it?

Please click here to know more about ICICI's role in the programme
Are you coming to my college / city for a presentation?

There are selected campuses where ICICI Fellows is being presented.

All information that is being shared in the above campuses and more is available on this website. So if your college is not a part of the schedule and if you believe that you can be an ICICI Fellow then do go through the information on this website carefully and apply online.
Who are the program partners and what role do they play?

iVolunteer, IFMR and CSO Partners are the programme partners. You can know about them and their role in the program by visiting their respective sections under Who we are.
What is the last date for applying? When do the ICICI Fellows join?

For these and other important dates, please visit the section titled 'Key / Important Dates'

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Why sign-up?

To enable you to complete your application in multiple stages
To enable you to receive any important updates about ICICI Fellows
Will my application details be shared?

No, your application details will remain confidential with iVolunteer, the lead managers of the programme.
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