Banking Interview Tips, Crack Banks Interviews in Easy Ways

How to crack the Bank Interview ? There are lot of students , I have seen that very good in study, they score good marks in written but failed in Interview. it's all due to many reasons like,

1. Lack of proper education since beginning of school or college

2. Lack of confidence

3. Language problems

4. Unable to express their views; i have seen many guys who informally express their views but unable to speak in interviews.

Besides above mentioned reasons there are many others also, but these are common. How to tackle these problems ? Here are mentioned few tips...

Why do you want to enter banking?

* You need to talk about Banking – what the interviewer seeks for is a person who is flexible to be along with the given timings, someone who can cope up with writing bits and bobs or a person who can benefit them with more development .Your answer can have following bulleted points.
o Banking is a fast changing environment
o Retail banking is now very competitive – from telephone banking, retailers and etc Banking is thus now largely sales driven.

# You can even talk about IT getting changes and clearing banks offers a wide range of career opportunities for graduates – not just in branch banking but also in financial services, consultancy and corporate banking.

Have you applied to any other areas apart from banking?

* Here off course your answer will hold some other finance or sales and marketing careers – insurance or accountancy, altogether these careers should have skills related to banking.

How do you feel about committing yourself to another three years of exams?

* The professional examinations that you will almost certainly be required to take as part of your training are not always difficult in themselves, but do require determination and focus- especially as much of your study will be done in the evenings after a hard days work.

You should also be aware of the range of qualifications open to you – many of the large clearing banks offer the opportunity to gain qualifications in marketing, personnel or accountancy – not just banking.

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