EAMCET 2010 results declared,Methods to Calculate Rank ,Weightage Calculating

 EAMCET marks are out today and the Intermediate results are already released. Though some students are appearing for the advanced supplementary exams, majority students are well aware of the marks they secured in Intermediate examinations. When both the marks are available students can calculate the marks they would get after combining 25 per cent Intermediate weightage and marks scored in EAMCET 2010.
Method that is used to calculate the weightage.
As per the system adopted since last year marks secured in three subjects of EAMCET would be calculated for 75 per cent and they would be added to the 25 per cent equivalent of the marks scored in the core subjects – Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry in case of MPC students and Physics, Chemistry, Zoology and Botany in case of BiPC students.
For example, if a student scores 140 marks out of 160 (total marks) in EAMCET, his marks would be obtained by dividing 140 with 160 and then multiplying the result with 75 (weightage) to get the marks. It would come to 65.625 marks.
Similar calculation will be used to get the 25 per cent weightage of Intermediate. But marks obtained in optionals will be considered for calculating the weightage. Both the marks will be added to get the final figure and then ranks will be allotted based on that figure in the descending order. Similar procedure will be adopted for CBSE and ICSE marks also.
In case of a tie, the comparison for a better rank would be arrived at by first considering the total marks in EAMCET and if they are also equal, marks scored in Mathematics or Biology would be the next consideration. If there is a tie again, marks scored in Physics in EAMCET would come into picture and even if they are equal, the total marks obtained in the Intermediate examination would be considered.
If still a tie, date of birth of the candidate would be considered and the older one would get preference. Effectively, everyone would be given a separate rank with this method.
Another important component of the process is the inclusion of practical examination marks. As per the G.O. 61 practical examination marks will have to be counted. Marks obtained in the advanced supplementary examinations of Intermediate would also be considered.
So the final rank will be given using the marks obtained in the advanced supplementary examinations. Marks will be taken into account for calculating the rank and final admission would be given based on ranks only. Ranks are likely to be published  in the last week of July
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