SAIL Exam Answer Key, Solution

SAIL Exam was condusted on 12th of December 2010 for recruitment in MT (ADMIN) Marketing. Exam was of two section for 100 questions each. First part was of marketing which was having a average type of question which were mainly include from Brand management, Advertisement, PLC and marketing distribution chapter.

Few question, which were asked in Marketing:

1. Latent Demand

2. Mckinsey 7's

3. value exploration

4. split loyal

5. selective retention

6. cooptation

7. AIDA Model

8. Advocacy Advertisement

9. Cobrand, Multibrand, Positioning, Confused Positioning

10. Heuristics, Marketing Myopia etc

In the second part Verbal Reasoning was little tough and I don't think cut-off would go anything  more than 5 or 6. Quant was good and cutoff will be more 12-13.

General awareness was average type. Question were asked from basic fact. There were no question from current affairs. Some question were like :

1. Thaga La pass is in which state ?

2. Volta river situated in country ?

3. Rudraprayag, Devprayag

4. UN announce 2010 as an year of ?

5. Sahyadri is known as ?

6. Min age for rajyasabha MP

7. Golden Ball winner in FIFA 2010

8. First Election commissioner in India

9. two three question from History etc.

10. College of defence management situated ?

11. Jet Engine Inventer ?

12. My presidential year book written by ?

I don't know what would be the cutoff but I think it will be similar to :

Marketing : 55+

GS : 10+

Quant : 11+

English : 15+

Reasoning : 5+

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