Corona Epidemic: World renowned Ayurveda Professor Dr. Sunil Dubey raised the courage of the poor!

Patna. Right now the whole world is struggling with corona crisis. In India too, there has been a complete lockdown since last six days. 

The situation in Bihar is also frightening. Due to the lockdown, the wage laborers, rickshaws, handlers, poor and destitute people have got the bread of June 2. 

In such a difficult situation, Dr. Sunil Kumar Dubey (Secret and Sexual Pathologist), world renowned Ayurveda and Director of Dubey Clinic located in Langar Toli, is fully aware of his social obligations. While he has donated Rs. 1,00,000 / - (one lakh) to the Chief Minister Relief Fund to deal with the Corona crisis in the past, on the other hand from Monday, Dubey Clinic started providing dry grains to 125 people daily. is. 

In this regard, Dr. Sunil Kumar Dubey told that dry food grains will be provided to 125 people every day. He said that his campaign will continue till the corona is completely eliminated from Bihar. 

He further said that it is his effort that no person should go hungry in this hour of crisis. Food packets include rice, lentils, flour, mustard oil, various types of spices and soap and these packets are being delivered to the homes of the needy, destitute and poor people. Dubey is also being distributed in the clinic. In this work, full attention is also being taken for social distancing. 

Apart from this, financial assistance is also being provided at private level and other voluntary organizations, individuals etc. in this work.
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